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Join the affiliate program with Kiostore

Promote Kiostore, help your audience launch successful online businesses and earn up to 20% commission for every customer referred, become a Kiostore Affiliate!

Free to join, easy to earn​

Start your exciting affiliate journey with Kiostore from today. Use Kiostore dashboard to access you unique affiliate link, earn points, and convert them into money.  Join now and elevate your earning potential!

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How it works?


Sign up for a free Kiostore account, and access the affiliate marketing section in your dashboard.

Share link

Once you register, you'll have access to a pre-generated affiliate link. Share it throught your channels.

Earn points

Once you've shared the affiliate link, you can track clicks, client registrations and earned points.

Convert to money

Once you accumulate a number of points, you can convert them into Kio Wallet and request a withdrawal.

affiliate kiostore

Why chose Kiostore?

Kiostore is the optimal choice for any online business, We provide an easy-to-use platform with powerfull features, customizable themes, secure online payement (CIB)  and reliable support. The affiliate program offers up to 20% commission for customer referrals, With a focus on security, scalability, and regular updates, Kiostore ensures a seamless and rewarding e-commerce experience.


What is Kiostore affiliate program?

The Kiostore affiliate program provides an opportunity for individuals to promote Kiostore, assisting their audience in launching successful online businesses, and earning up to 20% commission for each referred customer.

What information can I track about the merchants I refer?

As an affiliate, you can track various information about the merchants you refer. This includes monitoring the number of clicks on your affiliate link, How many opened stores and the differentiation between free and paid subscriptions. Additionally, you have the capability to track the points you're earning through your referrals. Kiostore also allows you to generate up to three affiliate links, for you to compare between different platforms, optimizing your referral efforts.

How does payement work?

Once you accumulate 100 points, you have the option to convert them into Kio Wallet credits. After converting your points, you can then request a withdrawal.

What is the commission structure?

The commission structure for the Kiostore affiliate program is based on a points system, 1 points = 20 DZD. When a referred client registers for a paid subscription, the affiliate earns a specific number of points, depending on the type of subscription chosen. The earning potential extends up to 20% commission,

When can I make a withdrawal request?

You can make a withdrawal request once you accumulate a minimum of 100 points in the Kiostore affiliate program.

Do I receive points for free registrations?

For each free registration, you will receive 10 points locked in your account. Once your client upgrades to a paid subscription, your points will be unlocked and credited to your account.